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Coupon Code Comparison: Media Temple vs GoDaddy

dreamhost vs godaddy

The Coupon Code Comparison Begins! Readers have been asking for a head-to-head comparison between these two web host titans for quite some time. Here we will compare GoDaddy and Mediatemple in four major areas: Ease-of-Use, Eco-Friendliness, Customer Service and Value. Ease-of-use: Winner: Mediatemple This was the closest comparison, but mainly because both have a bit [...]

How to Use Godaddy Coupons to Save On Web Hosting

godaddy renewal coupon code

Godaddy is a hosting company which offers attractive features. Many professional webmasters prefer the hosting services offered by the company. If you are about to design a website, you can as well access hosting services from the company. The process of applying for the services is easy. You need to sign up and select the [...]

best stock photography sites

The Very Best Stock Photography Sites If you’re a web publisher, or a publisher or any kind, then stock photography is a vital part of life. The trouble? It can be expensive! Stock photos can definitely become an expensive habit. Even with the new microstock sites like istockphoto and dreamstime, getting licences for professional images [...]

WordPress Kids Themes & Hosting Voucher Codes

best wordpress themes for kids

Best WordPress Kids Themes & Vouchers for Web Hosting Making websites kid-friendly isn’t just about having splashy colors on your website. A great kids’ website is easy to read, simple to navigate and makes sure users have fun while visiting your website. So it doesn’t matter if you’re making a tiny kids blog or you’re [...]