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dreamhost vs godaddy

Coupon Code Comparison: Media Temple vs GoDaddy

The Coupon Code Comparison Begins!

Readers have been asking for a head-to-head comparison between these two web host titans for quite some time. Here we will compare GoDaddy and Mediatemple in four major areas: Ease-of-Use, Eco-Friendliness, Customer Service and Value.


Winner: Mediatemple

This was the closest comparison, but mainly because both have a bit of a learning curve when you first sign up. Whereas most hosts enable you to use the user-friendly cPanel, both GoDaddy and Mediatemple have customized back-ends that take some getting used to.
But both dashboards, once you learn the ropes, are actually very effective at helping you get things done.
Mediatemple is the winner in that being able to access phpmyadmin involves less steps, and Mediatemple’s lets you set up a username and password to access it instead of randomly assigning one.


Winner: GoDaddy

So what do you get when you set up a hosting plan with these hosts? The differences in the first year are minute: both cost about the same (granted you use promo codes), you a free domain name, $100 in Google advertising credits, free setup, activation, etc. http://couponwebhosting.org/godaddy/
The major difference is in the subsequent years. GoDaddy offers renewal promo codes for both domain and hosting (use this site for fresh ones). If you plan on being in business for more than a year, a little long term thinking will save you hundreds of dollars on a simple shared hosting plan.

godaddy renewal coupon codes


Winner: Mediatemple
This one isn’t even a competition. Mediatemple is considered a “green web host”, using alternative energy sources to power their data centers, and purchasing carbon-offset credits. You won’t find any mention of green-friendly initiatives with GoDaddy on their website, and when contacted will not give you any straight answers. Short answer: GoDaddy’s priorities aren’t focused on green energy right now.

Customer Support:

Winner: Mediatemple

One feature I really enjoy about Mediatemple is the real time customer support, where you can connect with someone right away and type out a question. The wait time when I tested out this feature was about 30 seconds tops (it was a Thursday evening, 8pm PDT). I asked a question about why my website wasn’t working, and I got a quick reply that cleared up any ambiguity about what I was trying to do on the website.
If there’s an issue with GoDaddy, you have to submit a support ticket and wait…which can take up to 12 hours (it took longer in a couple instances with me). If you don’t ask the question in exactly the right way, then the customer support rep will give you a copy and pasted stock reply that won’t help you at all. And asking a follow up question? Forget it! You have to submit another ticket, which will go to someone else after that….okay, I’m ranting again. Mediatemple wins.

godaddy renewal coupon code

How to Use Godaddy Coupons to Save On Web Hosting

Godaddy is a hosting company which offers attractive features. Many professional webmasters prefer the hosting services offered by the company. If you are about to design a website, you can as well access hosting services from the company. The process of applying for the services is easy. You need to sign up and select the hosting package which suits your specific needs. Remember the hosting packages offered can work well for different projects. Always check on the hosting package features so that you can know whether the package you are about to buy can meet your specific needs.

Here’s how to use promo codes to save on GoDaddy.com’s hosting packages:

Visit coupon code website sites and select a coupon code:
Here are two we found that have reliable promo codes:

CouponPuppy.org – hosting offers

To apply a coupon code, you should visit a few promo code websites and then choose your preferred code. We’ve found that WiseInvesting.org has a promotional price for bulk domains. The codes have different requirements for you to apply them. There are others which can be applicable on sect services offered by the hosting company. It is necessary to check on the service you would like to subscribe and choose a coupon code which can meet your preferred services. There are also expiry dates you need to check out before you pick a given coupon code. Carry out enough research to know whether a given coupon code is valid before you decide to apply it in your Godaddy hosting services payment.

Visit Godaddy’s official website:

After you have located the right coupon code, the next step will require you to visit the official website of Godaddy from where you can pick your preferred hosting package and proceed to pay using the coupon code. The company has reliable support that you can call if you are stuck in anyway. But, in most cases you can easily figure out the right steps you can take to pay for the services offered by the company. You can navigate to different tabs on the website to explore the services they offer before you proceed to pay for the hosting services.

Choose your preferred hosting package:

It is necessary to take time and choose your preferred hosting services. The packages available at the company vary on the features. You need to check on features such as bandwidth, number of emails you can host among other features before you proceed to pay for a given set of services offered by the hosting company.

Proceed to payment:

Upon picking the right services, you should proceed to pay for the services so that you can start enjoying the hosting services. The company allows you to pay via different payment methods. Choose a method which you can be comfortable using to pay for the services.

Proceed to check out and apply the coupon code to save money:

godaddy hosting coupons

You should see a promo code box in the bottom right hand side of the shopping cart.

Once you’re in the checkout process, you’ll reach a step where you’re be required to enter a coupon code. It is necessary to apply the code in the provided spaces so that you can enjoy discounts. The system will alert you whether the coupon code has been applied successfully so that you can make your payments and start hosting your
website with Godaddy.

best stock photography sites

The Very Best Stock Photography Sites

If you’re a web publisher, or a publisher or any kind, then stock photography is a vital part of life. The trouble? It can be expensive! Stock photos can definitely become an expensive habit. Even with the new microstock sites like istockphoto and dreamstime, getting licences for professional images can be cost prohibitive. Starting with coupons to help you save money on stock sites, here we will rank the sites based on ease-of-use, selection of images, and price.

1. Getty Images

best stock photo sites - Getty Images

You’ve likely heard of Getty Images: they’re one of the largest stock photo companies anywhere. They were also the first stock photo company to sell their photos online. Throughout the years the Seattle based company has acquired dozens of smaller companies to become of the largest stock photo agencies in the world.

While they are more expensive than other sites like iStockphoto and Dreamtime, Getty Images is geared towards professionals. You can license photos or videos for use in commercials, motion pictures and other high end media. If you have the budget for it, Getty Images is a great site to have in your arsenal.

Getty Images Coupons To Make It More Budget-Friendly:

2. iStockphoto

getty images promo code

‘iStockphoto’ was originally called ‘iStock’, and was one of the first microstock websites out there. Microstock websites work by allowing photographers to sell to pubishers directly (as opposed to going through an agency). You can purchase licences for images based on how you’re going to use them, as well as size (larger images cost more).

What makes iStockphoto stand out from the rest is the ease of use. The clean, white interface makes navigating their website a breeze. You can collect the images you like into a lightbox, and then pay for them later. You can search by name, or even by certain colors in the photo. The selection isn’t larger than the other sites, but the search interface is so good that you’ll likely never enter a search term and get a ‘no results’ page.

iStockphoto is one of the more budget friendly stock photo sites. Although you can always save money by taking advantage of promotions. .

3. Dreamstime

dreamstime stock photo sites

Whereas iStockphoto’s interface looks like it was designed by Apple engineers, Dreamstime is unfortunately looks like a 2005-era website. Yet despite this, they have one of the largest selections of photos, gifs and videos out there. If you can get past the interface, Dreamstime offers a very wide selection of images as well as budget friendly prices.

4. Photodune

Photodune is a relatively new stock photo site. The website is part of the Themeforest network, which is an entire ecosystem for web publishers to purchase themes, photos, codes, and more for their websites. Photodune has a nice interface that’s pretty similar to iStockphoto. The only problem is that the selection is still quite small (like, 10,000 images small), which is much smaller than the other websites on this list.

best wordpress themes for kids

WordPress Kids Themes & Hosting Voucher Codes

Best WordPress Kids Themes & Vouchers for Web Hosting

Making websites kid-friendly isn’t just about having splashy colors on your website. A great kids’ website is easy to read, simple to navigate and makes sure users have fun while visiting your website. So it doesn’t matter if you’re making a tiny kids blog or you’re creating the next expedia.com, the rules for making a really good kids website are the same for making a good website in general. Remember to always look for a voucher when setting up your website, check out www.discountgo.co.uk for up to date codes that can save you a fair bit on hosting services.

There are many different kinds of websites oriented towards children: it could be about toys, games, or even learning websites to help children get used to using technology. With tons of children now using tablets as learning/reading devices, getting your kid familiar with how electronics work is becoming more and more important.

1. Primashop for WP eCommerce

kids wordpress themes - primashop

Ideal For: Toy and Game Related Kid’s eCommerce Sites

Primashop is a clean, responsive eCommerce theme that isn’t specifically created for kid-themed websites, but the simplicity and easy navigation features have made it a popular choice among kid-centered ecommerce sites. Just check out Skylandersfigures.net to see what a website can achieve with this theme.

2. Peekaboo Theme for WordPress

peekaboo - kids wordpress themes

Ideal for: Daycare Websites

Peekaboo is a clean, bright website that comes with lots of cool plugins and features that would cost much more than the $40 that this theme comes with. It comes with the big, beautiful, and clean Nivo Slider ($29 by itself). It also includes the colorbox lightbox plugin, an easy to use shortcode editor, jQuery Tiny Carousel, AddThis widget, and a ton more features. The result is an easy to customize site that is perfect for any child-based business website.

3. Kids Toys WordPress Shop Theme

kids toys - ecommerce kids theme

The top three picks on this list are all premium e-commerce themes, but that’s because they are professionally designed and have lots of cool features that will save you a lot of time when you’re setting up the website. But don’t worry, we will feature some free kids’ themes as well.

Kids Toys is another ecommerce kids theme that would look great as a child’s clothing, games, or activities e-store. it’s 100% compatible with Woocommerce, and also includes an easy to set up newsletter and contact form to help retain your customers.

4. Kid’s Voice School – Responsive Theme

kids voice school - ecommerce kids wordpress theme

Kid’s voice school is structured more like a blog, instead of an e-commerce theme. It’s also incredibly flexible: it’s a responsive theme that will work on any device (no need to make a mobile site). It comes in 10 different color variations, as well as 11 custom widgets, and 7 different sidebar variations. It’s also SEO optimized so you can easily target keywords to rank in search engines. The great strength of this theme is the flexibility: no matter what your preference, you can shape ‘Kid’s voice school’ to your liking.

5. Childreness WordPress Theme

childreness - kids theme for wordpress

Childreness is our first ‘free’ theme, although the free version comes with footer links that you can remove by purchasing the pro version for $24.95. Childreness is a pretty theme: it has a giant featured image slider on the front page, as well as a custom contact form, widgets, google maps shortcode (so people can find your business), and an adorable panda on the top left. You can of course change this…but why would you ever need to?

Sorry, I was ranting. The theme is also responsive and SEO-friendly. All in all a clean, simple wordpress theme for your kid-based business. If you would prefer a free theme and don’t mind footer links, this is a great theme.

6. WPCartoons WordPress Theme

wpcartoons - free wordpress themes for kids

Alright, I’ll say it: the theme is meant to look like a Disney-inspired website. Rumor has it, kids love Disney! The theme is actually quite similar in structure and features as the Childreness theme mentioned above, but looks more Disney-fied. Whereas Childreness could function as a baby-toddler type website, this theme would suit a target demographic of kids in the Lego Star Wars/Skylanders age group.

7. Mommy Blog WordPress Theme

Mommy Blog - themes for children's websites

There’s been a huge upsurge in popularity of ‘mommy blogs’: websites created by mothers who share tips, ideas, and thoughts about raising kids. The blog comes with 10 header graphic configurations for you, or you can upload your own graphics if the accompanying graphics don’t fit with your brand. There’s also 2 color options, as well the ability to change the ‘sky color’ on your website. There’s also 8 customized widgets, (including a pregnancy counter!).
You can use the theme purely as a blog, or you can easily add an e-commerce feature using Jigoshop.